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The name of Andros is referred for the first time in the tragedy of Aischilos -’’Persie’’ (5th Century BC). However, the name predates this and according to mythical tradition, the island owes its name to “Andron” or “Andrea”, a hero with godly descent. Other names (nicknames) from ancient times include: Gavros, Lasia, Nonagria, Hydrousa, and Epagris, all of which made a statement about the island’s rich nature, which has been maintained till this day and gives the island its special characteristics and makes it unique among the other Cycladic islands.

Andros is the second largest of the cycladic islands. It’s divided from the west to the east by four rivers running through verdant, fertile valleys, home to the farming communities of the island: the Arni river, which flows into the bay of Levka: the Achla river which flows into the bay of Achla: the Big river which flows into one of Hora’s bays - Paraporti: and the Dipotamata river which flows into the bay of Sineti. More.......

 GAVRIO - BATSI (Hydrousa)

Today you find the harbor on Gavrio with marinas and fishing boats. Batsi is the cosmopolitan and ornamental. Modern and traditional means of entertainment. In these villages the modern tourist can find everything he needs: a comfortable accomodation, good service, activities, unsullied nature and the possibility to escape the clamour of the towns. It is here that one can find the majority of hotels, apartments, studios and the only camping site on the island. Tourist agencies to meet every need and offer friendly, Knowledgeable advice, car and moped rental, mountain bike hire, restaurants and tavernas. As for swimming - you won’t find better beaches very easily. By foot, by car or moped, by water taxi or even using the local transport


The picturesque city of Andros (HORA) is built upon a small peninsula, situated approximately in the centre of the east coastline. The town is one of the more evenly-balanced and cultured capitals in the Aegean area, with a quite intense commerce, its professional activity and mild groth in tourism, But the sector which is by far unrivalled is the second of culture.


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